Saturday, November 22, 2008

Amelia Family Campground Christmas Party, December 6th, 2008

That’s right the Christmas season is upon us and the annual Amelia Family Campground's Christmas Party will happen on December 6th, 2008.  Hosted by John & Ferne Hutchinson and the entire Hutchinson family this party is offered as a thank you to all of those who come and support the spring and summer Central Virginia Family Bluegrass Music Festivals.  John will be cooking up his traditional “Potato Soup.”  Perhaps this year with all of the may financial woes being suffered by Wall Street, Main Street and you and I, this Potato Soup is a reminder of those times not so long ago when this country lived in much leaner times and potato soup was a common meal , sometimes more than once a week.  I’m not gonna preach here, but keep in mind how tough times are and keep the less privileged among us in your thoughts and give to the charity of your choice, and maybe give just a little more this year.

There’ll be a bunch of bands playing in the pavilion which as in past years will be wrapped and heated for your comfort.  If November is any precursor of things to come we’ll need that heat!  Don’t forget to bring a dessert to add to the fun.  Each year i look forward to this time of fellowship with my Bluegrass family and the chance to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  Be sure to come over to the Amelia Family Campground for a day filled with Bluegrass and Christmas cheer.  See you there!

Below are some photos from past Christmas parties.

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BigAl said...

Thanks for the memories of Christmas past. It was great to see Jerry's face and remember that he first taught me about the Dobro.

Alice Talmadge