Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend of January 23rd & 24th Big on Bluegrass! Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver @ WEAG on 23rd & Dailey & Vincent @ Appomattox on 24th

That's right we've got a big weekend of Bluegrass on the way.  On Saturday night at the West End Assembly of God, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver perform an evening of all Gospel music.  Doyle is known for his devotion to God and the fine Gospel music he and his band deliver.  They sing wonderful a cappella songs as well as songs accompanied by the full band.  The show begins at 7PM with advance tickets for sale at the WEAG bookstore.  Contact Katie Porter @ 804-754-0723 for "will call" tickets.  There is no savings by buying your tickets in advance, but be forewarned, Doyle is quite popular and his shows often sell out.

Then, after a good nights sleep, it's time to drive out to Appomattox, Virginia for a fine afternoon of music by the Doyle Lawson "School of Bluegrass" graduate Jamie Dailey as Dailey & Vincent take the stage at 2PM in the Appomattox County High School Auditorium.  By now most of you should know all about Dailey & Vincent, but for those who may have been asleep the last three years, here goes.  Jamie Dailey worked as Guitarist and lead & tenor singer of the band Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver.  His partner Darrin Vincent worked with Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder as a part singer and the arranger for many of Ricky's biggest hits.  Jamie & Darrin had both been feeling the need to move on from their present bands and in a chance meeting took the opportunity to sing and play a few songs together.  Finding a mutual friendship and a kinship in their musical goals the decided to leave their respective bands and create Dailey & Vincent.  Wow!  They are great.  I was lucky enough to attend their very first public performance at the IBMA World of Bluegrass three years ago.  Again, wow! With Jeff Parker on Mandolin and vocals, both lead and tenor and Joe Dean Jr. on Banjo and remarkable bass vocals, Dailey & Vincent present a show that is musically and visually entertaining.  Tickets are $15 in advance or at the door.  As with the Doyle Lawson concert at WEAG, I suggest buying your tickets in advance by contacting Kelly Smith either by email at or by phone at 434-248-6105 for "will call" tickets. 

[I have found that there are some who don't understand what I mean when I say "will call" when mentioning getting tickets in advance.  "Will call" simply means that you arrange for tickets to be held in your name at the box office of the event.  Most all venues allow for "will call" advance reservations.  "Will call" is a trust between the promoter and the attendee.  If you arrange for "will call" tickets and you don't show up you will be remembered the next time you try to arrange for this type of advance reservation of tickets, so please honor your obligation.]

The "Cabin Fever Pickin' Party" is coming up the weekend of March 4th through the 7th.  Make sure your reservations are correct.  I'll tell you more about Cabin Fever and our "Night Owl Concerts" next weekend.  Until then.......


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Steven said...

January 17th was a fantastic sold-out Bluegrass show by DONNA ULISSE & THE POOR MOUNTAIN BOYS at Colonial Harbor Retirement Center in Yorktown VA.

Steven Sloop
Newport News